Love isn’t always for you, it’s for them.



When it comes to love, we always focus on getting back the feeling we put out. We want the other person to heal us, help us grow, and so on. Yet what happens when you are the lover and not the loved? We tend to look at love negatively and in some cases give up on it all together.

I have been the lover and the unloved and I have realized this.

Whenever you truly love someone you are doing yourself a disservice of thinking that love has cheated you. Sometimes we are called to love on people who simply can’t love us back. But through us, they learn what true love is, they feel peace, and hope builds up inside them that they are truly worthy of love. If they choose not to reciprocate or receive that love from you it’s okay ! We are not attached to anyone, most of us have come into the world alone providing proof that anything that isn’t physically connected to you can be shed.

Instead of allowing depression to overwhelm us with tormenting emotions, we should instead allow the energy we put out to show us how powerful we are. We have the power to be used by God to complete his work in others. In other words, in some instances, we are called to be real healers for others even when we don’t realize it.

To me, the true test of real love is loving someone even when they don’t deserve it. It’s laying down your wants and needs to see someone else prosper. Now these types of relationships I don’t believe you stay in, yet I do believe their is a lesson and a key part we play in them rather than simply being brokenhearted.

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