A Seat at the Table

laptop on table

Last week we had a conference call with our CEO (who is a woman by the way yay!!) and she was encouraging us all for the women’s international day coming up soon. One thing she said that stood out to me was that she never would have gotten to where she was if she wasn’t “invited to sit at a table that was bigger than her current position”.


Yall.. This was soo prophetic to me !!  How can you expect to go higher if you never get an opportunity to learn what higher requires or what higher even looks like? So many times we want to continue to move “upward” but never get the opportunity to truly sit in that location and see if it is indeed what we truly want.

She went on to say that it was in that seat , that she shouldn’t have occupied, that she learned how Ceo’s and corporate level employees thought, what the company was trying to do, and how she could play a part in the position she was currently at.

She stopped working her current position as just a manager and started working as if she was already the CEO!

I remember growing up being taught in church that whatever job you do, do as if you are doing it unto the Lord. While this is easy to say it’s honestly much harder to do when you feel like you are worth more and deserve more than you may be getting at your current level.

Hearing her explain her experience changed my whole mindset on that teaching! When you go above and beyond, the tables turn and a good company would do anything to keep you. You never know when that door will open and your name comes up for that opportunity you were working so hard to obtain!


Invite yourself to that table! And sit there and know that you DESERVE to be at that table! Whatever the “table” is in your own life, do what you can to get there. The knowledge you gain at that level will help prepare you to set goals to get there permanently!

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