Remnants of a Past Lover

person holding cup of milk pouring


Others put their pen to paper and write, write, write.

I longingly stare at mine remembering a time when we were best friends.

When one would not be without the other,

When the suns heat would plant soft kisses on my already dark skin,

Sending a cool breeze down my neck that would

send the sweat of my brow silently down on my paper as

if it were ink.

I remember when we use to be lovers.

And I would wake up and fall asleep,

You curled around my fingertips, letting me lead.

I always loved to lead.

I remember when it all made sense,

And I could find myself to you so easily.

Spending hours and hours,

Guiding you down the rows of my heart,

Letting you explore my mind,

How I miss our time.

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