I remembered..

dark darkness loneliness mystery

I could’ve sworn I felt the mower wheels begin to slowly sink into the grass but I quickly turned it out as my imagination. Maybe if I hadn’t been so deep in thought thinking about that day I would’ve noticed my own feet were now ankle deep into the dirt. A scream tried to trickle out of my throat as I realized too late that I was now falling into a hole I had never even noticed. He said that was what my problem was. I never noticed things even when they were right in front of my eyes. He knew me so well, I trusted him.

Landing on my back with a thud, sharp pains begin to slowly climb up my neck and cause my scalp to pulsate. Rubbing my hand against the back of my brown short hair, I expected to feel blood. I felt nothing. “Where the heck am I now”? I murmured to myself as my senses began to stabilize and I remembered the ordeal that just took place.

Everything looked normal, however. Even though I couldn’t see anything I used to blackness and emptiness. The feeling of being alone had always been a silent companion. This place of complete sadness felt much better than where I had just come from. I didn’t have to pretend here.

Slowly rising to my feet I noticed a tiny coffin laying a few feet away from me. I couldn’t quite wrap my head around what or whose it was, yet something told me I knew. “You never notice anything” the voice whispered again, God when would his voice stop haunting me? I did notice things, I swear I did!

Walking to the coffin I realized why this was so familiar. My hands begin to tremble and sweat began to what seemed like magically appear between my fingertips. I remembered this coffin I remembered that day.

He didn’t think I noticed things but I did.

I noticed when I felt the covers move on the side of my bed ever so slightly and a warm body slid beside me in a way that chilled my soul and made every muscle in me tense.

I noticed when the bed dipped down and his lips grazed my ears and whispered Just give me a little bit.

I noticed when it was all over and my legs trembled and they felt so wet and weak that I just laid there and dozed off into a nightmare.

I noticed when you found me and you hugged me and you didn’t ask.

I noticed when my period didn’t come that first week or the next week or the week after that.

I noticed when you held my hand and promised you would be there no matter what I decided to do.

I noticed when the doctor said it’s all over and I could go home.

But the one thing I missed the one thing I didn’t notice as I opened the casket and looked down at the cause of all my sorrow.

Was the fact that she looked so much like you.

_my first writing prompt that I have ever submitted. The story line stated; You are mowing the lawn when suddenly a black hole appears. Where does it take you to and what do you find?




2 comments on “I remembered..”
  1. Aderonke says:

    This is beautiful…. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much !! ❤


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