Daddies and Afros

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I had to leave for work quite early and had taken my daughters cornrows out the night before. As an African American young girl, I didn’t redo her hair because I wanted to give her hair time to “breathe” and relax from the stress the cornrows had put on her hair.

The next morning her dad and her brother had some tasks to do which left him with doing her hair before they went out. In my mind, I thought he was going to put two puffs or something in her hair but he didn’t. Instead, he let her rock her natural afro.

I’m not even going to lie, I laughed at him.

I thought it was funny that all he did was comb her hair out and in typical man form, he left it like that and went out about there day.

But immediately I stopped laughing. My kids’ father had done something I didn’t realize I had NOT been doing.

He did my daughter’s natural hair in its natural state and then he took her out into the cruel world proudly showing off his child.

Her dad had lovingly taken the time to do her hair and in it had taught her a lesson that I had neglected to do myself.  He showed her that she was beautiful just the way she was. That her natural crown did not need rubber bands, bows, beads, or braids to be beautiful.

Where I lack I’m grateful they have a father to step in and help. I don’t think men get enough credit for when they ARE active parents, especially African American dads. Not having a father growing up, this being his first child. The traits he exhibits as a parent and a person not only speak to his character, but to his bravery.

It was beautiful in its natural state and so was she.



4 comments on “Daddies and Afros”
  1. Aderonke says:

    This was something I wish someone did for me, I recently decided to stop relaxing my hair, but I’m lost, I don’t know what to do with my natural nappy hair.


    1. I do as well!I’ve been natural almost 10 year and I still borderline hate it lol I have been told so long that afros are unfinished styles that I can admire them on others but not myself. I still choose wigs and braids I’m def a work in progress in this area.


  2. What a sweet dad!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes he is !! Thank you for your comment 🥰😊


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