It was Supposed to be Dead.

This morning, I was thinking about the Bible story of Lazarus. In this story, we learn about a man who was a very close friend to Jesus and who ends up dying and being raised again by him as well.

When I thought about this story, I really focused on the fact that he was said to be dead. Death obviously meaning no sign of life, cold, possibly smelly, and basically gone forever. Someone now lacking purpose, as they had potentially came and done all they were suppose to do.

stone near tree
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What amazes me about this story is Jesus wept over what was said to be dead, but then turn around and awakened that which no longer had a purpose.

I really thought about this and thought about Jesus and how he can do things outside of the box we put him in.

Thinking more prophetically and into our own worlds, how often do we speak death over things that aren’t dead? How often do we categorize something as no longer having a purpose because we can’t “see” the purpose in it anymore?

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I think about my own experiences, mostly when my ex-husband and I got divorced. In my head that was the death of our friendship, marriage, the love we shared, and to all that we had done and built together. After being with someone off and on for over 11 years, it felt like a physical death. I was depressed, cried often, and felt like he had literally left this earth.

Yet here we are 2 years later, more mature, more connected, and learning to appreciate each other in ways we had never done before. What we thought was “dead” was only “sleeping” until we were at a place we could truly appreciate each other. Life has a way of teaching lessons better than any talk can.

If we truly get to know Jesus, we know that we serve a God who has the power to bring life to any situation we have gone through or have given up on. While I’m not sure what will happen between me and my ex. I do realize that in this situation, I learned to trust that Jesus can do anything that he wants to do when he wants to.

Though a situation may look, smell, or even FEEL dead. It doesn’t mean it is.

Today I encourage you to think of a situation in your life you want to have Jesus awaken or raise from the dead. Now add some faith and sprinkle some belief on top and I am in agreement with you that it shall be done ! 






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