When it’s my turn.

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2 nights ago I lost my first uncle. I didn’t really know what I wanted to say about it but immediately I begin to think about my faith and how Loving God truly is.

After losing both sets of grandparents, and now my first uncle, I begin to realize that for my parents this must be especially hard. While it was my dads brother, he had already lost both his parents, his aunts, uncles, his own grandparents, and now his first siblings.

At some point the scale tips and we have more people waiting for us on the other side then we do on this side. While I love my parents dearly, when I put myself in their shoes I understand why they always say they are ready whenever Jesus is.

When you start to lose those who you grew up with your entire life and were the foundation you stood on, what awaits seems more fulfilling then what’s left behind.

I thought about how loving it is for God to give peace in a situation like that. I have peace knowing that they are waiting for me somewhere and one day my number will be called and I will see them again.

I remember when my grandmother died, how she saw so many people who had went on before her and was talking to them and said they said they were coming to help her.

After she passed, we had a young man in our church say he saw my grandma and she said she was coming to help him get better and then he passed away literally 2 nights later.

I am spiritual but not religious. I believe that the loving God I have grown to know outside of the boxes of religion does operate in this manner. He does bring peace, comfort, and he does send us helpers when the transition comes.

While I am not ready now, I believe in my heart that when my time comes I will go out gracefully. And when I do the crossover, my family will be on the other side waiting for me, and ready to take me to my new home.


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