It Hurt but it Healed.

God will not use anyone greatly who hasn’t first been wounded deeply!#ItWasNecessary – Jeremy Gibson


When I came across this statement this morning it really touched my heart deeply.

If we could take a moment to stop and think about the most painful situations in our lives and what all we birthed from them, we would understand more and more how every trial or situation we go through are always working together for our good.

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When I look back at the times I was deeply rejected, betrayed, and abused, I realize that from those moments, I became stronger, wiser, and better. I learned how not to wear my heart on my sleeves and how to depend on myself more than I did on others.

After my divorce I learned that I was strong enough to take care of me and two children,  that I had strong work ethic, and I could STILL be whatever and whoever I wanted to be despite the obstacles life chose to throw my way.

I was able to keep my 3 bedroom townhouse, get a new vehicle (having a total of 2 cars), and I still could afford to give my kids the best life they could ever imagine.

I include that not to brag but to explain that when I learned that I could truly do it on my own, and when the fear of not being able to do that left,

I became unstoppable.

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It was in the ashes of my pain and “failures” that I fully begin to understand that just like a rose bush, I could shed flowers and regain them time after time again. I never would have confronted my fear or even known my inner strength UNLESS life pushed me into various events to force me to use what I had on the inside versus being able to depend on what I had on the outside.

Life had to leave me with nothing to show me I had everything.

I HAD to go into survival mode to see the fighter within me. I was equipped for this.

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I am still changing, still being knocked down, and still overcoming things. Yet one thing I know for sure is each time I face an obstacle, I come out of it more secure, with more wisdom, and with more experience.

The cuts that hurt me the deepest are the areas I now can minister to other young woman and even encourage myself when I need a reminder of just how strong and resilient I am.

We all have scars and wounds that hurt deeply. Take the time today to reflect on what that pain has taught you and then take it a step forward and determine how that wound can heal someone’s else pain. We are all individuals but rest assured that there is ALWAYS someone out there who knows how you feel and has been where you may find yourself stuck at.

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