Keep your Compliments

Found this from Tatiana Jerome who I follow on facebook. This is so true.

two persons hand shake
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Be careful with other people’s compliments. Compliments feel good when directed to you yes, but compliments are really a reflection of how that person feels about a thought they had, an action or something said. If they are feeling good about it they will compliment you. The key word is if ‘they.’ So it has nothing to do with you. It’s on how they feel…how what you are doing or saying makes them feel. So when you do or say something to ‘some people’ that make them feel uncomfortable about where they are in life or what they are doing from their perception, you will now become the target for judgement. So compliments are mainly based on how someone else feels which means how someone else feels whether good or bad should not stop you from fulfilling what God has said yes to. The same mouths that compliment one minute are the same ones that judge the next so never let a compliment decide whether you should move forward or not. How they feel about you with the absence of love is not how God feels about you. At the end of the day, don’t take what they say personal. Get it? I need to get back to doing videos sheeh. lol #TATIsays

**People compliment flowers every day because they look good. The next day the same flower may get cursed on because of how someone feels about something going on from within. But just yesterday you said ….nevermind.

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