I don’t know anymore…


I spent the last year in a half killing myself trying to earn my master’s degree in Human Resources. I gave up a year worth of free time with my kids, summer vacations, sleep-filled nights, and much more chasing a degree I really thought I wanted to further my career.

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Ironically today we had a meeting with the regional director and she was explaining what all the hr’s at other locations deal with and how it would be a good idea for me to go shadow a larger location to see exactly what all it entails.


The more she talked the more I begin to question my future plans and my next career move. Up until that point, I had been so sure that I was going to do X<Y<Z and not deter from it.

I’m not saying what she said changed my mind, but on a larger scope, it taught me a bigger lesson.

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Change is going to occur whether we like it or not.

We should never construct a plan that we are not open to changing or modifying to say the least.

Our mind should constantly be in a submission state of learning and relearning plans, goals, ideas, and even personality traits.

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On the outside looking in, it seems like the perfect job for me, yet hearing the details made me question could I really do what I loved in that position or would it become tainted with the petty work drama and other small issues HR deal.

I am always in tune with what “feels” right rather than what pays right. I want to enjoy what I do more than make a dollar from it.

If you asked me yesterday I’d say I want to be an HR director. If you ask me today I’d say i’m still trying to figure out what feels right for me. And either answer is ok. In the end I will be where I’m suppose to be .

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