Heels please!

So after seeing the many beautiful women at my work conference wearing their high heels (as I wore my flats) made me realize I wanted to start wearing them again.

When I was younger, my mom and aunt both made it a point to tell me that my 5 ft 1 frame would look so much more sophisticated and professional if I would wear them.

Me being the book reading introvert that I am hated them!I went for comfortable flats or “kitten” heels and strayed away from the higher heels though they were pretty and actually did make some of my outfits look amazing.

While I do not plan on going out and buying the shoes pictured right away, I do plan on starting with higher wedges and a slightly higher heel then kitten heels.

So now here I am , 28 years old and ready to try something new. Any suggestions on foot inserts or heels 101 would be appreciated !!

For all my ladies ( and males if this applies !) What are your go to heel wearing tips ?

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