More Please!!

Last night I went to red lobster and I ordered a 30 dollar meal packed with butter,ketchup, and fried food. Two months ago I was on the keto diet and practically obsessed with cutting carbs, checking sugars, and trying new bland meals.

On this life journey, as most women and men, my weight has always been an area I have scrutinized and then excepted and then challenged yet again.

Ironically, I have maintained my current weight not with doing keto or dieting, but with managing my stress levels and listening to my body.

Listening is so powerful.

When I dropped the weight of self doubt, being perfect, and comparing, my body maintained and held a happy place for me.

Love yourself in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Instead of focusing on the pound weight, what mental weight can you drop off to loosen the load on your body?

Today I encourage you to be weightless. I promise the pounds will follow once you align with what your body and soul are telling you .

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