You are someone else’s Key

Sometimes I hop on youtube and I watch videos on how other people live their lives or tips and tricks to journaling.

As I was scrolling through videos, I came across a video of a woman who had bid for a previously owned journal and had spent either close to or over 200 dollars for it! After I did my own search, I was shocked to see that used journals bid for no less than 100 dollars!

fashion woman notebook pen
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As the youtuber shared some of the journal entries from the one she purchased, it really became a scene by scene description of this woman’s life and what she cherished or even disliked over the course of her written work.

It really hit home to me how important journaling is.

While her story may not have been all that interesting to some, perhaps in 20 years from now when we no longer have cell phones or social media, some of the items she discusses may be seen as foreign or unheard of.

Her emotions over the course of the text also made the reader understand what days she had good moods and which days she didn’t. I begin to understand patterns about her that I wondered if she understood about herself.

Regardless, her “regular” thoughts sold for over 200 dollars!

white blank notebook
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If we would truly take the time to understand we are unique and that our voice matters. We would truly appreciate and grasp how important it is to record our memories, thoughts, and experiences for others to learn and gain insight from along the way. Each and every one of us has a purpose and because of that, at least one thing we have gone through would amaze or intrigue another individual.

I remember feeling so alone in certain situations in my life, and then finding a memoir or talking to someone who had experienced or gone through something so similar to me.

Specifically a miscarriage I went through felt so life-ending until I realized that more than 50% of the women in my church had experienced it at one point in their lives.

It took the burden of feeling alone off my shoulders.

I wouldn’t have known I wasn’t alone if it weren’t for the dialect that my experience allowed to take place after the situation.

person holding notebook beside ceramic cup
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While validation isn’t needed, it’s only human to want to feel like someone else knows what you’re going through.

You hold the key to unlock a situation in someone else’s life.

I encourage you to write each key you possess down and allow someone else to unlock their potential from yours ❤


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