Carrying my Promise

It’s been a while since I’ve written mostly because my spirit has really been trying to get me to “detox”, step away from media outlets, and really connect to the now and what’s happening in the present.

After a series of disturbing dreams, ( I am a prophetic dreamer) I have decided to slow down, and listen to the voice of God and what it is he is trying to reveal to me.

Before I disconnect for a while, One thing I have learned this week is:

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Aborting the process will make us miscarry the promise!

As a woman carries a baby, although she can’t see the promise (the baby) she knows that after carrying the baby (the process) God willing she will reap the benefits and bring forth a child after the carrying phase is completed.

During the process, she is taking prenatal, having doctors appointments, working out, resting, and doing all she can to ensure her baby grows and thrives in a healthy environment.

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We should guard our dreams, hopes, and aspirations with the same enthusiasm and care. Sometimes the things we want to manifest take time to grow and to form, and rushing the process would not only cause us to miscarry the promise we could potentially have, it also can cause doubt or shame to set in.

When you become “pregnant” with a dream, goal, or idea. Guard it and protect it as if you were carrying a real child. Your vision needs the same loving and safe environment that a newborn baby would need to grow and flourish in the way it should.

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Sometimes when we share that space with others, their words, questions, and even neglect can sometimes make us question what it is we feel led to do, and in the process we abort the plan all together or “kill it” by simply no longer putting that same love and attention into it.

Today I encourage you to guard your dreams, and love on them. It may not happen tomorrow but as you provide the environment it needs to grow, it will come to pass in its due season. As a baby grows and others begin to realize when the mother is showing, so will others begin to realize the gift you are carrying when your work begins to manifest your vision.


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