Moving on Mentally and Physically

In order to get over something, you must go through it.

Or at least that’s what I have been telling myself to get over my anxiety. haha !

My anxiety has become an uninvited friend who use to only stop in and visit me once or twice every three months, but has now periodically popped up at least once a week and demands my attention.

adult black and white darkness face
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It wakes me up, attacks me, and insults all my feelings of stability by trying to replace it with fear.

And because of this, and the fact that I hate being caged or “locked” down by anything, I have decided to put myself in anxious situations to overcome the anxiety and learn my way through it.

This is why I have decided to move from my 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhome (with 2 kids) into who knows what, and I have less than 2 months to do it.

Move. Cardboard boxes in empty room corner.

We have called this place home for over 6 years and it has been the greatest place and sense of security I have ever felt aside from living with my parents.

While there are other reasons (one being the best decision for my children) on why  I have decided to take on this move, it has mostly stemmed from all my anxiety leading up to being in this place.

The thing about my anxiety (others may experience it differently) is I know I have control over it. I know I’m stronger and more resilient than the fear or constant voice telling me to overthink everything.

woman sitting in front of body of water
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I am mentally exhausted of dealing with it.

adventure beautiful boardwalk bridge
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So my hope and prayer is that by stepping out on faith and thrusting myself into Jesus’s arms, I will fly into his grace and out of the hands of this anxiety.

Through moving, shedding old things, and opening room for the new, It will be another testament to how resilient he has made me and that I do have the power to take life and live it day by day.

So this week I say cheers to transitions, new beginnings, and closed doors!

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