Anxiety Won and that’s ok

I haven’t written anything in a while and it’s not because I haven’t been thinking of things to write, but more so that I’ve been trying to practice being and taking in the moments.

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As my last post described, I have been in the process of moving and trying to tackle my anxiety head on. So many times we can’t heal or fix things because we are trying to juggle or carry so many tasks at once.

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In order to overcome some things in our lives, we must give them all the attention they crave in order to understand the dynamics of it to either conquer or help it to grow.

I started moving in the hopes it would “starve” my anxiety however what it did was change my perspective on my anxiety altogether.

While I’m not completely done moving, I have over 50 percent of my house done in less than 1 week and that’s all thanks to my anxiety. I simply cannot know I have to do something and not get it done as fast as possible.

For me, my anxiety is a part of who I am.

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However, in this realization or “aha” moment, I realized that due to this, while others can procrastinate I can’t.

Like Paul in the bible, my anxiety is my “thorn in my side”, yet it empowers me to push harder and move closer to achieving my goals.  I can put more on my plate because what I feel “curses ” me also blesses me. I am dependable, efficient, and basically faster than others in some areas.

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It makes me relentless until the job is done.

I am in no way saying anyone else should embrace whatever their struggle is IF that’s not what they choose to do. What I am encouraging on today is focus on how it may help you rather than always hurt you.

While there are some days where anxiety leaves me extremely tired. There are awesome medications and relief for that.

However, if I never overcome it completely, it’s ok. I have been graced to carry it and thrive with it! And for that I am grateful.



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