Love Letters <3

My love for you caused me to cover you and hide you in a place in which you did not belong.

Your heart illuminated the path and allowed me to see that behind the walls of dirt and shambles, you were precious.

Complex, yet wonderfully made, in you I saw God and I saw how beautiful creation could be when we looked past us and looked at we.

You are what I meant when I said “Forgive them for they know not what they do”

Your innocence overshadowed my desire to run and I knew that at that moment I would always come back for you.

I would always cover you and shelter you from the storm in which you did not see.

You were my first choice mission.

Saving you meant sacrificing me

And I never felt so sure that I would die for something until I met you

You set me on fire and you put me out

You pushed me to the depths of my existence

And yet you bowed down low enough to rub my feet and trust me

Giving me you’re everything,

You are everything.

And in you

I could understand why I would die on the cross for your sins

You aren’t worthy, but you are so worth it.

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