Child for sale !?

Being an introvert it is really hard for me to stay in crowds,talk, or be social in any atmosphere for a long period of time.

I literally feel drained,exhausted, and like something physically exhausting has actually happened.

In having an honest moment and sharing more than I usually feel comfortable. I felt like today I needed a mental break from everyone.

That everyone included my kids.

And that my friend is where the guilt begin to kick in and I begin to feel sorrow and shame for how I was feeling.

We all hear that moms need breaks,mom should be strong, and moms this and that all the time.

And yet sometimes as moms we don’t want to accept that we need a break. We want to be able to handle it and figure it all out. Its fustrating to feel like your losing something others are winning in.

But today rather than focus on what I needed, I decided to focus on what I could do to get my kids to need me *less* in their moment of ” mommy,mommy, mommying” me to death.

In order to do this I went down in the basement play area with them and I consumed myself with their toys,games, and interests for a few hours.

And it was eye opening to say the least.

As I watched my children light up from having my full attention, I realized that while I needed to step away, they needed me to step in and be fully present.

Once I played,loved on, and actually listened, they calmed down and really didn’t yearn for my presence anymore

They got what they wanted and allowed me to leave and get what I needed.

My children needed me to be present folks, and that was one of the biggest lessons I learned this week as a mother.

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