Knowing your Spirit <3

A good person isn’t a good person because they choose to be, there is a spirit making them respond that way. A bad person isn’t a bad person because they choose to be, there is a spirit operating within that person. If you take away our spirit we are literally just a body! There has to be something placed inside the body to make it walk, talk, and so on to be considered a living person. Without it, we are considered “dead”.

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The Lord said in Revelations 3 vs 20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

We must make a Conscious decision to let the spirit of the Lord ( the spirit whom we can trust!) make his home within us so that we may ALWAYS operate in a loving manner. The more you allow negativity to overtake you, the more you are inviting negative energy and spirits to make their home in you.

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Whether we want to accept it or not there is always something working inside of us to control our behaviors and how we choose to do things. What we may consider to just be a thought has to have an origin of some sorts. We don’t just “think things.  These thoughts usually go through a filter of prior experiences, what feels right, what we’ve been taught, or what we know to be true.

What is controlling or impacting the way you think?

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I cannot dig into a trash can and expect to find gold just like I cannot dig inside of a jewelry box and inspect to find trash. I am looking for what I need in all the wrong places.

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I am learning more and more that the harder I focus on what’s INSIDE a person the less what they do on the OUTSIDE bothers me!

I am also learning that I must always make sure I am grounded and filled up with a spirit that is loving, kind, and merciful. As long as I am alive there will always be a spirit operating within me. However, I have the choice to decide which spirit I choose to allow to dwell within <3.

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