Sometimes it takes more than Prayer

It really hurts me when I see Christians go on facebook and make statuses about all they have overcome and how they rely solely on God for everything and how he delivered them from all their problems.

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I am in no way at all saying God cannot do this, but what hurts me is the fact that this becomes the reality or a shallow viewpoint for those who are still getting to know God.

Usually, the way it’s worded is in a condescending ” why do you need therapy, or help when you can just pray it away”

I have been in church my whole life and while I have overcome A LOT of things with just prayer alone, there were other situations I needed prayer, a prescription, a loving shoulder, and so much more to get through those times.

Even Moses needed his brother to take on the path God had put before him, and Jesus needed the disciples to understand him so they could go on and teach the word. It was more than just prayer, it was communicating with those around them and expressing their needs!

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Yet needing help never made me trust God any less, it actually humbled me and showed me that I was always one step or situation away from losing it all.

That I needed to rely on God obviously but also be receptive to when he sends help my way in other forms or fashions.

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When divorce came my way, divorce counseling was what I needed, not just prayer.

When I was plunged into being a single mom, help, and support was what I needed, not just prayer. I had to get off my knees and trust that God would send what I needed my way.

And ironically when you change the perspective on the items listed above, prayer IS what sent all those resources to me or how else would I have found them? What would have happened if the woman at the well told Jesus she didn’t need the water he had to offer, she was just going to pray that the well she was at never ran dry?

Faith activates a solution! 

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I am learning that the pain and the hard times of my life are what drew God to use me all the more. It’s my unpretty story that I hope would lead others to Christ.

That this church-going PK kid still falls and has to make a daily effort to be the best she can.

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I want to be relatable and authentic and the truth is in order to do that I must show I’m messy, and I’m struggling sometimes just like everyone else.

Once again I am NOT saying that prayer cannot work alone! I truly believe it can and I can spend an entire blog with examples of all the time it truly did! What I hope to achieve in this post is expressing that extended Grace is ALWAYS available. It’s okay to pray and then ask for help. It doesn’t mean you trust him any less if you do ❤

A perfect God loves an unperfect me.

And I am forever grateful for that above all things !

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