Reading what you Love

There is a blogger I follow on here who writes about once every three weeks about her life and different things she went through from birth to now.

adult blur books close up
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What I love most about her stories is they are so intriguing!  Yet the haunting reality that they are true stories makes the reader feel like an unwelcome guest in her pain yet longing for more at the same time.  It’s a story where you know the ending (she is still here) before you finish reading and you are overcome with wanting to know how she made it through it all.

I find myself logging on every day not to check my own reviews, but to see if she has posted anything for her readers to enjoy.

book chapter six
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That’s what I love most about sharing stories and reading another’s journey. We all express our emotions and our feelings differently using as many words from the dictionary as we can imagine, unlocking what’s happening inside.

It’s soul talk.

Different techniques, tones, and writing forms are used and the same story has the power to be written 1000 different ways all because of the writer’s feelings toward the topic!

woman reading a book
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Reading should move you in some form or fashion. If it doesn’t you are reading the wrong story!

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