Road Trip to Remember

Last week, my family and I went to Florida for vacation and had an amazing time! My husband and I needed the break from work and we even chose to drive to Florida to reconnect, laugh, and enjoy each others company. Along with our 2 children of course. What’s so funny about it is even the kids were calm on the way down (15 hours with short gas breaks) and played with each other and enjoyed the scenery.

green leafed trees
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We ALL were glad to be away!

Ironically, what stuck out to me the most about this trip was how my husband and I were so patient and understanding toward each other. If you are new to my blog, you can click here to read all about my husband and I’s relationship and how far we have come as a couple.

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And while the vacation itself was amazing, relaxing, rejuvenating, and all the things we needed, what stuck out the most was how we were able to do this as a restored family and do it so gracefully one would never know our history or our story.

Restoration may not look the same for everyone but as we drove back, I recounted some things we did to get us back to this point that I wanted to share.

affection afterglow backlit blur
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  1. We worked on ourselves – While we were split up we both spent time alone to understand the faults and mistakes we made in our marriage. We learned who we were and what behaviors were working and which weren’t. In doing this, it also allowed us to communicate with each other and others better on what communication styles we received and which didn’t work for us. We learned the importance of making ourselves heard.

2. We learned that we loved each other- It seems like common sense that you marry someone you love but on the trip, we learned how our love had changed for each other. It was deeper. We said it less and showed it more. I knew what he needed before he asked and he knew what I needed before I asked, we had spent time actually studying each other. 

3. We understood that our children needed to see healthy and happy- That doesn’t necessarily mean we had to show them that while being together, but for us, we knew that that the only way we could get that security was to work on it together. I trust him with my kids’ life because he is there father.  I have seen him sacrifice his own comfort for theirs and therefore I know that even when we disagree about them, he’s coming from a good place.

4. We learned to respect our growth- While so much has changed we both know we aren’t perfect but that’s what I love most. We have learned to celebrate our milestones and work hard on our progress. It’s so much easier to do that when we work together than apart.

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And last but most importantly it took Faith! It took us trusting God that us coming back together was a part of his plan and not a setup. Our divorce was messy both emotionally and in the courts so it was only God that stilled our hearts enough to forgive and rekindle what he had started within us.

My husband has never been super spiritual but even he felt it was a divine setup that things worked out the way they did. How do you ask? I’ll save that for another blog ❤

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