Trusting my Body

I know a lot of blogs sometimes focus on weight loss and I had promised myself I wouldn’t write about my journey with my weight but it is apart of my story.

For the longest, I always had an internal battle with myself on losing weight and being fit. Luckily, my husband has never made an issue about my weight however for me it’s been an up and down rollercoaster as I have gained and lost more times then I can count.

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It was the hardest for me after my divorce and I dropped 20 pounds in a month. I know most people mean no harm when they say you look good after a major weight loss transformation, however, I do believe overall we must be more conscious of when people lose weight drastically and we make those statements.

They may not have realized I did it in a bad way, but I knew. And for a short time, I was trying to starve myself to stay slim and not gain the weight again. This resulted in me drinking detox teas, weight-loss teas, and taking other supplements that thankfully did not harm my body in any ways.

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I was also breastfeeding at the time and it helped the weight continue to literally fall off.

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Yet once I found my peace again, I stopped not eating and the weight did come back, and it came back just as quick as it had left.

I had to be strong and love myself enough to not let anyone’s comments get to me or put me back to that place of needing to be a certain weight.

What I realized during my most recent vacation was when I don’t force my body to lose weight, it will do what’s best for ME naturally.

On vacation I splurged and ate what I wanted, and when we returned I naturally wanted non-greasy food, snacking on salads, fruit, and bars for the most part.

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It was an “aha” moment for me as I realized that my body does exceptionally well in taking care of me if I would only stop to listen.

I also decided to relax and not pay attention to the scale this time around but rather listen to what my body is asking for and respond accordingly.

Yesterday I wanted no rice, today I want ice cream. Either way, I’m fine, I’m healthy, and my body knows what it’s doing.

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