Love can Change the Game


close up of padlocks hanging on heart shape
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The most important present a person can ever give you is their vulnerability.

In a world that forces us to wear masks and create identities that aren’t true to who we truly are, when a person shows you their soft side know that you have just received a part of them that took a lot to show.

In past relationships and taking the to learn about behaviors and why we act and react the way we do as people, I learned that a lot of mean things people do are usually based off a coping mechanism or an experience that turned them that way.

I genuinely believe people are born good and through life situations and choices, they make decisions to do wrong things.

I don’t believe everyone can change or let go of unhealthy coping mechanisms, but I do believe that given the opportunity some people want to be free from them.

They know they are hurting others and they know they are hurting as well.

Love cannot change anything but it does cover a multitude of things.

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