The Balancing Act

This last week has been exhausting, to say the least, not only was work a struggle in itself, we got a new puppy and as cute as he is, he is definitely a ton of work!

woman sleeping
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What I loved most about this week was seeing how resilient my little family is. I came home from work and vented, my husband came home from work and vented, and together we shared our frustrations and dealt with puppy poop everywhere and 2 very hyper kids together.

We became a team.

However the stronger our relationship builds the more I feel guilty for neglecting my relationship with others and that’s one area I’m still learning to balance out.

My husband and I are both introverts so we naturally gravitate to being inside the house. For any introverts out there, you know how wonderful it feels to get off work where you are surrounded by people and just come home and recharge in your own comfortable 4 walls.

Sometimes we spend this time in the house together or most often than not, he’s playing his game and I’m reading. In the same room yet in our own worlds nonetheless.

When we had divorced, I had spent more time going out and hanging with friends because I needed to keep my mind occupied. We shared custody of our children so there was more free time for me to go get nails done, out to eat, or just invite a friend over to lounge around with me all day and now there isn’t that free time anymore.

rocks art balancing screenshot
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I’m learning more and more that so much comes down to balance. Not too much of this and not too little of that, everything has to have its place someway somehow.

And in this learning, I’m also realizing where I spent to much time and energy and how to “cut back” on things that don’t benefit me simultaneously.

Life is truly a gift like that. There’s always “something” but that “something” is always bringing you closer to your true self and teaching you how to better navigate your needs, desires, and wants in the areas of your life.

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