Perspective Talks

I’ve learned a lot of tough lessons in life and I can almost say with 100% confidence we all have.

The lesson that has taken the longest for me to learn is that even when I give what I perceive to be 100%, I can’t expect someone else to see it that way.

It’s really simple when I sit back and think about it.

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If I love based off how I grew up but someone else grew up thinking love was supposed to be hard, they could never accept my 100% as being just that, 100%.

It’s hard to love on people and give them your all when you know that they just aren’t in a place to see it that or perhaps I’m the one who needs to change how I perceive what I’m giving. We naturally have a tendency to see what we do as being the best we can when in reality that also is a warped viewpoint. 

We all have a love language and it’s unique to each individual person and preferences.

For instance, I love to hear it with words however my husband shows it through his actions more so than saying it.

He is the classic case of “have you ate? , do you need help, you look cold, here’s a blanket type of love “.

I had to reshape my perspective on how he showed me love because in my eyes he wasn’t yet in his eyes he was giving his 100%.

Through this dialogue of not just listening but being present, I was able to notice this and express what I needed and learn what he needed as well.

We cannot love anyone whole and we cannot expect anyone to accept what we call love. All we can do is learn to listen to each with our souls rather than our ears and be present.

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