Soul Writing

When I started this blog, I was super excited and super naive.

I imagined myself spending hours and hours sharing short stories, poems, journal entries, and my experiences. I pictured myself sitting at home on my small laptop, tea in hand, glasses on face, and just writing ferociously as the world around me disappeared and the door of storytelling opened.

wood light creative space
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But of course, it didn’t happen that way.

Instead, I found myself sharing certain things and holding others back. I wanted to write sometimes but not all the times and I decided to write in my journal more than sharing my thoughts with the world.

And today while I was musing over what to write about, I realized that this was just perfect.

Writing should be freeing, exciting, and adventurous. When you put expectations on what flows out of you, then you silently are putting handcuffs on your thoughts and what wants to pour out.

When I pick up a pen to write if I feel it’s too personal I grab my journal, and if I feel its universal, I put the pen down and allow my mind to take over my fingers on the keyboard.

gold pen on journal book
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Either way, I let my soul do the talking and I become a prisoner to its thoughts and not my own.

My soul knows what is necessary for my children and what is necessary for the world. Every seed of wisdom your body produces is not always meant to be shared. Some are special and unique just for your offspring, your family lineage, your growth.

Pick up a pen, or your fingers, and write aimlessly. Your soul will let you know what do when you’re done ❤

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