The Pain was Purpose!

Did you know that if you couldn’t feel pain you would be a hazard to yourself? Never knowing something was hurt, broken, or even if you had a foreign object lodged somewhere, your brain wouldn’t register it to your emotions in order for you to react?

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It’s a blessing that you can feel pain, it means that your body will always respond in a way to alert you that you are in danger.

Be thankful today that it HURT you.

It ALERTED you and therefore you were blessed to feel the need to respond and get out of whatever it was you were in!

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It hurt me, but I was able to learn from it.

It hurt me, but I was able to grow through it.

It hurt me, but it awoke something in me I never knew was there.

It hurt me, but I’m blessed to say I’m human because I felt it.

Pain is only temporary.

Even when it comes, you have the right to determine

how its messages flow through your system.

It shocked me, but I’m okay.

The pain only came to alert me that I deserved better, could do better,

It came to remind me that  I am better, stronger, and more resilient than I ever gave myself credit for.

The pain did not come to hurt me at all.

It came so it could awaken me.


2 comments on “The Pain was Purpose!”
  1. diana says:

    O my goodness. I love this. So true. GOD is always so good. Thank you for your posts! 🙏💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes it’s so overwhelming ! Truly everything he does is always with our good in mind !


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