From the Darkness to Light

If you really take the time to talk to most (not all) people that are saved they can relate to the world in so many ways .

Christian’s have lost, been hurt, abused, molested , robbed, on drugs, thieves, and so many more things. We aren’t exempt from anything that anyone else would go through.

If you read the bible, it’s full of crooks and people with evil intentions that God turned around and used.

Moses killed a man before he was called, David had many wives and still lusted after another’s man wife and had him killed to get to her , though Lot was saved in the fire, he still had a hidden desire to be close to mayhem. Jesus had a theif in his midst who called him friend.

A lot of us can talk about Jesus with so much conviction and be what others call “Jesus freaks” because we know where we were before he stepped in.

We knew we were in so much darkness that the silent whisper encouraging us to arise was NOT our own voice so it had to be someone else’s.

We were on a path to straight destruction until we were lead out of the darkness and into the light.

I can talk about him because he stayed with me in my mess. He found me when no one else was looking. I remember silent voices telling me it would be okay and I clung on to them. And they came as often as I needed them.

I needed a savior, and a friend I could depend on. I needed someone who would listen and understand.

Jesus wants to meet you where your at, in fact he is already where you are at , silently watching and intently listening.

I pray today that the voice that found me, finds you.

That it overcomes your heart and holds your hand so tight that you feel it all over your soul and walks you into the light <3.

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