We were set up.

The water was now to our ankles in the old trailer. Myself, my uncle, and two of his friends all decided we needed to bail while we still had a chance.

My father was in the back room sleeping and for reasons unbeknownst to me , we had no desire to wake him. I oddly felt a sense of peace that while he was okay, we were in danger.

As we ran out of the trailer, across the road, we could see bright lights in the field.

The army is here and they are helping us evacuate! ” a man yelled towards us as him and his wife ran through the woods toward the awaiting light.

The water was mid calf high now.

We ran behind the others and pushed Our ways through the woods until we came into the clearing where a large aircraft awaited.

Frozen at the entrance of the clearing, I watched as lines wrapped around the air craft and people were crying begging to be allowed to board. Mothers were handing their children to people farther up the line and all to ensure their child would make it to safety.

The aircraft had long steps on the side that led up into the ship. Once you made it at the top of the steps, I could see where you were strapped into seats sitting 2 in a row as if it was a roller coaster ride.

For some odd reason I felt like throwing up and couldn’t will myself to move forward.

As I continued to watch, I saw officers helping people load up and they also had weapons.

They kept looking toward the trees surrounding the clearing and I instantly wondered what was their fear ?

Had something else caused this flood?

As I watched them, I heard a loud creaking noise as the door of the shuttle begin to close. At that moment I realized it had no windows and huge missiles on the outside.

Before the panic of being left behind could even set in, I watched in horror as the missiles turned inward and fired into the aircraft.

We had all been set up! Screams of terror, anguish, and confusion filled the air with such force I thought we all woul collapse under the weight of it !

I screamed in horror and turned and begin to run.

As I ran , I watched more soldiers come out of the woods and begin to fire upon the others running with me.

Mothers were shot, children were shot, they had no mercy on us.

As I ran the tears begin to flow and I knew my life was over.

I willed my body to stop and surrender but it wouldn’t.

It was programmed to keep me safe even when my willpower begged it to let me die.

[A dream I had in 2018. I am still haunted by the weight of it]

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