Thriftbooks for the win!

As an avid reader, I am always on the hunt for sites that offer cheap and affordable books and most importantly good quality books!

Due to reading books so fast, it’s very important to me to try to keep my purchases usually under 10.00 a book unless it’s a new release I can’t wait to get my hands on. Then I may splurge and buy the book early.

In the last few years amazon, thrift stores, and yard sales were where I usually got my books until I stumbled upon thriftbooks.

Thriftbooks has literary been a money saver for me and I wanted to share some reasons I love the site so much !

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  1. You can pick the quality of the book and the price you pay–  When you select a book, they give you options to receive the book in “good, like new, or new condition” alongside some other descriptions to describe the physical appearance of the book. I like this option because sometimes I will stumble upon a goodreads review and decide to get a book from what others say. When I do that, I like to get the book as cheap as possible so having the option to get a book that may have a missing cover for 3.00 or fewer dollars is nice. In the same sense, if theirs a book I know I want in my collection for a while I will splurge and get the like new condition which is usuaully still between the 5-8 dollar range.

2. They have a book reward program– So when you first start buying books from there site you are considered a “reader”. However the more books you buy, the higher your ranking and you can become a “literari” which means you get more “bang for your buck!”. Like most websites, they have a point system and with those points, you earn coupons for a percentage off and even free books! From what I have seen, there is no limit on the price of the free book you choose, or if there is I never noticed because I never had a problem redeeming my free book codes! They also run specials from time to time where literari members earn double points for every dollar during a certain window of time.

3. Shipping is decent- Like anything else, once you spend a certain amount you do earn free shipping. The shipping usually takes 5-7 days which can be hard to wait through if your impatient like me or are so use to amazon prime ! What i’ve done to offset the wait time is always order when I’m getting low on my current reading stack. That way when I place my order, by the time they arrive I’m just getting ready for them. So far I’ve never had to wait longer than about 4-5 days.

4. They have a waiting list– I love this option because sometimes if a new book comes out and I don’t want to pay the new price they have, I just add the book to my waiting list and wait till the price drops and they have more options before purchasing. You obviously can use this feature for books they don’t have in stock and they are pretty good about emailing you right away when they do become available.

5. You earn points for telling people about it – If people use your link and purchase books you earn points towards coupons and free books and so does the person you referred! (here is code to check it out =]

6. My husband doesn’t get mad when he sees the purchases haha !!- He gets upset when he sees amazon boxes but never when he sees Thriftbooks boxes haha! He knows that I am an avid reader and after showing him the site he couldn’t agree more that I was saving rather than splurging my money away on books!

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Overall for the price of the books, I think they are unmatched. Today I bought 5 books all for 17.00 which I think is a steal! Not only do I get to choose from a wide range of books but I earn free books along the way which is exciting as well.

If you haven’t tried them out you def should!

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