Writing where it Hurts

I wrote a long post in WordPress drafts that I was going to post, but I have since decided not to.

Not so much because of the content, but because when I went back to read it, I noticed I was rambling a lot and there was no way I was going to be able to fix all of that mess I wrote to make it make sense.

Truth is, I thought I was ready to share more information about my last post but I’m really not and that’s okay. It’s always important to recognize where you are emotionally before doing anything because you feel you need to or you should. Your mental health should always be the first thing you take care of above all else.

black marker pen
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And now that I think about what I wrote, I’m laughing to myself.

Such is the life of a writer, feeling like my thoughts need to be written down in order for them to come out from within me so I can breathe.

And when I thought about that feeling of release or being able to exhale my emotions, It drove me to remember why I started creating my journals in the first place. Journaling should feel like fresh air. It should be a time you meet with your emotions and you pour them out so they cannot plant themselves and grow within.

fashion woman notebook pen
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All feelings are not meant for us to hold onto but what happens when they don’t want to leave?

Well, you have to find a way to release them of course.

While I’m currently working on a book, It’s been in the back of my mind to start a journaling workshop where I explain and encourage people to write.

A soothing atmosphere where we spend less time talking to each other and more time talking to ourselves.

I think my next few blog posts I’m going to address some of the questions I’ve received about journaling and some of the roadblocks people come to when they try.


4 comments on “Writing where it Hurts”
  1. KeshiroSigns says:

    The need to write and be free is almost, if not equal to the need to breathe and live.

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  2. Sometimes I too write pieces and then read them and feel like I do not want to publicly display the mess I am from within. The good thing is that even when I don’t post it, I feel much better after writing it.


    1. i agree 100% sometimes just getting the release means more than anything !

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