How do I keep it Private?

As noted in the blog post that can be found here, I ended up expressing the desire to share common questions I get asked about keeping a journal or trying to journal altogether.

The first area many people are confronted with is how to keep the journal private. It’s hard to write out your true feelings when you may be talking about the person you are living with.

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While my husband knows that I love writing, he absolutely hates reading so that has never been a concern for me.

However, I do keep my journal on my at all times because the urge to write can come at any time.

You never know when God or life will teach you a quick lesson on the go and you want to have access to your notebook to record it. Yes, you can use your phone in a crunch, but sometimes the words you record on your phone don’t always make it to the paper.

I believe journaling is one of those areas that should be technology-free. You don’t need any outside sources to tell you how to speak to yourself or when. Journaling is about making YOU your first priority.


However, if keeping a journal on you at all times or having someone who may be curious about what you are writing are areas you struggle with. Here are some suggestions:

Hide it- Back in high school when I wasn’t sure if my mom would stumble upon my journals, I would hide it under the mattress or under the bed. Cheesy places I know, but it gave me relief that I did try to hide it and she would only find it if she was actively looking for it. And if that was the case, we had bigger issues than her discovering my journal.

Have a small safe or lockbox-  Whenever I would finish a journal, I bought a small lockbox to keep them in so they wouldn’t get lost or tossed aside somewhere. This also helps keep journals safe because you should be the only one with the key and it gives you easier access to keep the box in a closet or somewhere else that is a small traffic area for other members of your household.

Cut out the inside of an overly sized book and place your journal inside- This may seem extreme but it works! Not many people read dictionaries or phone books anymore. Place your journal inside and then hide it somewhere for extra security.

Tape it under your bed, side table, or other furniture- This could be excessive constantly having to tape your book back up but its another way to ensure the journal can’t be found.

And last but not least, Express that it’s private-  If you are explaining this to another adult, your wishes alone should just simply be respected. No one should want to be in your personal space so bad that they go against your wishes and sneak and read something you explained was private. It would be better for them to just say they can’t handle the temptation then promise to not read it and then read it.

If you have other tips or suggestions on how you keep your journal private please add in the comments below. Would love to see other creative ideas people have come up with!

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