I See You

black binocular on round device
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

A few posts back, I talked about some health issues I had run into and how I was trying to find my way through them.

While I talked about them more on my blog than on facebook, I did make a slightly broad post about the issues I was going through.

While people checked on me that day, offering thoughts and many prayers, my cousin reached out to me again to make sure I had truly healed from whatever I was going through. As we began to talk and I shared what I had endured, at the end of the conversation she said something that brought me to tears.

“okay thats great cuz, I just wanted you to know that I SEE YOU.”

When I read that last sentence it was as if my soul had been illuminated. There was a spiritual transaction that took place between us and I truly felt in every fiber of my being that she could truly see me.

She felt that I was still healing and that her reaching out was a must.

And at that moment I realized just how big my tribe is and how wide and far it stretches.

My and my cousin talk maybe once every three months, but she still sees me.

We are still connected not only by the blood that runs through our veins, but by the spiritual connection of choosing to make sure we are visible no matter the distance, time, or place.

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