How do I know if I’m doing it right?

The one thing I love most about journaling is it’s one of the few things in life no one can tell you you’re doing wrong!

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Journaling is about self-care. It’s about finding yourself and releasing whatever it is your spirit is telling you to release.

Journaling is being your own counselor, friend, and healer.

It’s about truly learning and understanding yourself from the inside out.

You are so complex, so multifaceted and so grand, the same way you get to know others you MUST spend even more time getting to know yourself.

Do you know a lot of people don’t truly know who they are?

Journaling is about not only finding you but LIKING you!

So many people don’t even like themselves and it’s because they never took the time to truly know themselves.

Journaling helps you become your own hero. Through the process of writing down your thoughts, ideas, conflicts, and victories, it’s a way to show yourself that you have always had you and you have always made it through.

You are the best friend you could ever wish or hope for. YOu may make mistakes and you may fall short in life, but you are always there with you, and as confusing as this may read it’s all true!

You should be the most important person in the world to yourself.

I truly believe journaling helps you get to that place.


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