Naked isn’t a bad place to be

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Recently I’ve really been thinking about Adam and Eve and the conversation they had with God after they realized they were naked. So many times we focus on the physical aspect of being naked but we miss the spiritual aspect of their nakedness.

For the longest, Adam and Eve had been in God’s presence baring all both physically and mentally. They communed with him on a daily basis and there was nothing held back from their relationship or friendship.

Adam had grown to love God and trust his judgment naturally. I believe that in those days, Adam understood that God was his friend and someone he could depend on.

Yet when Eve came and had the conversation with the servant, doubt had formed in their minds. Something they had never experienced yet left them questioning everything.

She shared the fruit or the knowledge she had received from Satan with Adam and together they begin to realize that things were not as they seemed.

Imagine finding out from a person you consider a “friend” that a different “friend” has been holding back information from you?

In your curiosity and naiveness, you trust this information and the next time you see the friend you heard the information about, you treat them differently. Your more stand-offish and trying to assess how you should handle the situation.

I imagine this is how Adam and Eve felt when they saw God walking in the field looking for them. They had heard things about him and themselves that made them question the authenticity of their friendship.

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And I imagine how God felt recognizing that there was a breach in their communication and doubt had begun to set into the minds of the children he had created and truly loved.

As soon as he got in the garden he asked Adam where he was. He wanted Adam to be honest about what he had heard and admit that something had changed between them. He wanted Adam to know he still saw, cared, and longed for their connection.

And I realized that more than being physically naked. Adam and Eve felt that they spiritually had to cover up as well. That the person they had trusted all this time had been holding back and now they were unsure how to handle themselves in his presence.

And as I was thinking these thoughts friends, I realized that all throughout the bible and even now God is trying to lovingly guide us back to that place. How much different would our life be had we not gained the knowledge that we received in the garden? In reality, all Satan did was cause them to question who they were. He made them doubt that they knew the truth.

As a parent, there are some things I keep from my children as protection not to hurt them. I want them to enjoy their innocence and not be weighed down with the burdens of this world.

And I believe God wants the same for us.  He wants us in that place where we blindly trust and know that what he holds back is for our good and not to harm us.

He wants us to be spiritually naked and unashamed in his presence. Understanding that we can tell him and share everything with him without being judged or punished for it.

I know that it’s hard to fathom someone out there can love us that much, but I believe with all my heart it’s true. And I pray that as we continue in 2020 we get to a place where we aren’t ashamed to be emotionally naked anymore. Allowing ourselves to feel, love, and experience life the way he intended us to.

Without fear, doubt, or questions.


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