1 cup of Conviction for this Christian!

I’ve been complaining about my job for quite some time and even though I still feel a sense of  “over it” lingering around, I truly wanted to go into 2020 with a positive mindset about every situation I’m in and that included my job.

And while I read the bible and prayed, I knew if God literally yelled at me on what to do I was too deep in my own frustrations to hear him so I did what I usually do when I want to SEE instead of hearing.

close up photo of flowers during daytime
Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

I went to youtube! Lol

and yes, I did search things such as “how to love a job you hate”, “where is God in this environment?” And the one I finally chose, “17 ways to enjoy where God has you planted” ( disclaimer: that may not be the title word for word, I watched a ton!)

And this video is where I finally had my “aha” moment. The speaker stated that we must make sure we are putting the correct expectations on our jobs, careers, and our ministry. When we expect more from a certain category perhaps we need to change our viewpoint.

In lament terms, a job is where you make money, it shouldn’t feel like a career, or somewhere your going to be forever. And if you want to do ministry you can on your job but it’s not the same as doing it in a church. So you can’t expect to feel as “free” in that environment as you would in a spiritual setting.

You have to know the environment you are pouring into and what can be poured out of it into you in return.

And folks I realized then what my problem was. I wanted my job to pay me more money but expect less of me. I wanted my job to give me peace that I only feel when I’m doing ministry work.

person wearing white long sleeved top
Photo by Tatiana on Pexels.com

I truly was being selfish.

The area God can use us best is the area where there is a need and where we have the most control to touch lives and truly make an impact.

I got so caught up in what I wanted that I never thought about the employees that appreciate me, the Christian boss who tries her hardest to make me happy, and the time and freedom I have to not only do this blog but finish my book and still come up with impactful ways to help my employees find their purpose.

My boss told me I naturally had a way of pulling employees into positions that just fit for them and I never even stopped to realize what God was doing.

He was using me to impact others.

And I realized at that moment that if I’m not careful, the pressure to be “the best of the best” and earn the top dollar would push me out of his will and into Satans trap of striving for a reality that doesn’t exist.

I often wonder how celebrities could have enough money to support themselves and 5 generations down the line and still chase a dollar and I realized it’s very easy to do.

Somewhere someone would love to be in my shoes the very shoes I take for granted.

And ironically I made my son watch a video about children in poverty to teach him a lesson on being materialistic and here I was still chasing the dollar and condoning and making excuses for my behavior. God was silently trying to get me to see that the answer or relief I so deeply craved he had already given me.

Daughter, be content and trust and know that I am God. I know everything you need and I have always provided. Never forget that your most important job is the work I do through you and not the work you do for yourself.

And I knew I had finally found the correct answer when literally 2 hours later my phone rang with an onslaught of calls from work with various issues my employees needed my help with. Satan wanted me to fill that overwhelmed feeling again. I mean, after all, I was at home, off work, and being called upon for work-related issues.

Yet instead I smiled, I answered their questions, and realized I was needed.

And for once I was content in that.


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