Where does the time go?

Yesterday in Bible study we took the time to focus on the topic of “Wasting Time”. While we all know why it’s important not to, it’s sometimes nice to be reminded of the reasons why it doesn’t benefit us.

We spend so much time working, watching tv, catering to others, and just letting time slip us by.

As our pastor stated last night, you can replace an ear, an eye, a leg, anything you want, but time is one thing no one has ever figured out how to recover.

We are all born with our own internal alarm clock. Clicking away until we finally take our last breath and leave this earth.

round silver colored wall clock
Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

And when we are forced to slow down and think about the way we spend our time, it’s easy to see how we waste so much of it so easily.

We can spend countless hours watching tv, binging on shows, or even on our phones. Meanwhile, time is fleeting, running away never to be found or return again.

Everything becomes a distraction fighting against another to control our time and deplete our energy.

The things we should spend time on, we easily neglect feeling like we will have the time to do it later.

I’ve been wondering all day why is that?

accuracy afternoon alarm clock analogue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Why do we neglect what we truly want to do to do something we don’t?

Why do we put things off when we know our time is limited?

I’m challenging myself to do today what I said I would do tomorrow.

To try to consciously watch what I’m doing with my time and reprioritize what’s important and what’s not.

I already spend 8 hours of my life working aka dedicating my time to someone else, what am I doing with the rest that’s my time then? Why am I wasting it away?

These are the questions I’ve been pondering since then my friends,

may we all use our time as a valuable gift we recognize will one day run dry.

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