The Pain didn’t have to Last.

Today at work, the more I walked the more I noticed my left foot was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Not having time to slow down and take a look at what was going on with it, I continued to work and place more of my weight on my right foot. I walked a block to another building, up and downstairs, and continued to walk around even though my mind was screaming that my foot was growing increasingly uncomfortable.

person wearing yellow shoes
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Finally getting to a place I couldn’t take it anymore, I took off my boot and noticed the boots bottom fabric was coming up creating a roll that was putting pressure on my foot.

Due to waiting so long, I put myself in more pain than I needed to. Although the pebble was gone, the nagging I had put my foot through would take some time to go away. Without the stone, I was still limping.

And at that moment Jesus spoke to me.

How much easier things would be if we would just stop and slow down and be gentle with ourselves.

When something hurts us, even as small as it may seem, we owe it to ourselves to do a self-check and make time to figure out what is going on before it’s a bigger problem.

Once I realized what it was, I felt silly. I could have saved myself so much pain had I just stopped and listened to the signals my body was telling me.

Although I removed what was causing me pain, I had to wait for the effects of it to diminish. 

A lot of issues I am going through now are because I didn’t listen or deal with them when they were small. Now that they are larger I am forced to deal with removing them and dealing with the after-effects.

Today, listen to the area inside of you that is calling out to be heard. Acknowledge and heal it before it becomes something much greater than it needs to be.

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