Bench Warmer to Messenger ?!

So my Pastor has come to me and asked me to preach on youth Sundays and folks I’m scared.

I’m scared because I don’t feel ready and I feel I have so many internal things I still need to work on.

As an introvert, I struggle with people and to be honest sometimes I don’t even like them! (Did I say this out loud!?) Sometimes I feel like Moses and wonder Lord!? why do we still deal with these disobedient people!

Yet as the week went on and God begin to deal with my heart I realized how humbling of him to put me in a situation where I KNOW it’s not me operating.

The truth is I won’t be perfect on Sunday or any other Sunday after that.

There are character traits I will always be working on and trying to maintain along the way.

With this new task at hand, I asked the Lord to prepare me in a radical way. I want to preach about things people don’t want to talk about.

I want to address mental illness, suicide, sex, drugs, and all the other “worldly” things Christians run from.  But not the way the church usually does it, I want to address it where it’s covered in hope and Jesus’s understanding.

I think religion has created a Jesus that is unreachable, unattainable, and uncaring. When we find ourselves in positions we never thought we would be in, where and how does he show up?

I want to bring back the Jesus who saved a woman from being stoned because she was an adulterer. The Jesus who knew the woman at the well had multiple men but he still talked to her and showed her compassion.

I want to teach about the Jesus who touched someone with Leprosy, the one who spoke up for those who had been silenced and loved them anyway.

I want to model the Jesus that I have grown to know, love, and serve. The one who doesn’t shy away from taboo topics or leaves me to figure them out on my own.

I pray that as my journey changes, I remember that in him and only in him, I am limitless, prepared, and more than able.

Cheers to open doors and new seasons.

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